Auf den Bühnen finden Konzerte verschiedener Ebikoner Vereine statt. Zudem gibt es ein Familienprogramm und auch für Speis und Trank ist gesorgt.

Schedule typography

The schedule is based on our custom HTML structure – it is a little bit more complex than other typography elements but it was necessary to create a proper HTML structure. We will describe the code based on the below example:

<dl class="gk-schedule">
<dt><strong>Friday, </strong>April 27, 2012</dt>
<div class="gkcol1">
<div class="gkcol2">
<div>Location:<strong> San Jose, Scene 1</strong><a href="#">The Born This Way Ball</a> <small>Lady Gaga</small></div>
<div>Location:<strong> San Jose, Scene 2</strong><a href="#">Battle Born Tour</a> <small>The Killers</small></div>

As we can see the structure is based on the definition list (dl) with class gk-schedule. The definition term elements are used to create the date (you can highlight words in this element using the strong elements). The content of the specific hours for a day are defined in the definition description elements (dd). As it was listed – every dd element starts with the strong element – it is the period of time for a specific elements then the next element is the div with class gkcolX where is is a number from range 1-5 – here you can specify up to 5 columns with the events.

Every event can contain few informations:

  • place (as a strong element)
  • event name (as a link – usually to the longer description)
  • and small additional information (in the small element)




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